Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Extract Data From a Graph(.JPEG, TIF...etc ) Using MATLAB Grabit file

Step 1: First download grabit.m (Click on below link to download file and extract zip file to get grabit.m file)


Step 2: Copy the grabit.m file in your current directory. In case of windows users better to copy the file in
C:\Documents and Settings\CURRENT_USERNAME\my Documents\Matlab

(replace red colored text by system username)

 Now I am going to extract data from the following graph. You can use your own graph from which data to be extract.
Step 3: After copying the grabit.m file, type grabit in matlab command window, then you will see a screen like this
Click on Load Image

And load the graph from which you want to extract data

Then below load image button , there is a button called calibrate, click on calibrate button,

Click on x axis near the origin and enter a value for a minimum of x, after that click far away from the origin on x axis and enter for a maximum value of x. 
Do the same job for y axis also...

Now start grabbing points from the graph by click on graph carefully. You can also view the preview of the collected points in the upper rightmost side. 
After completion of grabbing points, then click on grabbing points button,

Finally in the right side panel, you can find a file with name ' Data001 '. This is the required file. You can save data as text file(.txt) or matlab file(.m) by clicking save as... button . 

All shortcuts will be shown in the editor only:
a--> zoom in 
z--> zoom out
space-->reset view
backspace or del--> to delete previous point
enter--> to finish 
You can also view a sample video for this...


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